24/7 Online training for only £2.50 PP/PM

A live online training portal for all of your Office 365 learning and training needs

We can integrate the online training package into your Office 365 environment so that a user never has to leave their working environment. A 12 month agreement for unlimited use costs just £2.50 per user per month.

Web conferences
Web conferences allow you to follow live courses from your workplace and benefit from training without having to travel elsewhere. 
A web conference session includes at most 10 participants and lasts an hour on average. This configuration enables you to interact easily with an expert trainer on the different usage of an Office tool for example.

Usage Situations
Usage situations are videos explaining the operation of Office tools through specific scenarios
Yammer Group and Discussion
Thanks to Yammer, the enterprise social network, you can share your learning needs with the training staff and Office 365 user community and discuss tips and tricks.
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