Unique to Sonderworx. An innovative customer led deep dive investigation into your day-to-day working inefficiencies and their resolve with the adoption of cloud technologies.

With a whole-of-business approach we identify your company’s current pain-points and ambitions for the future. A typical first session will include a scoping exercises to identify your key concerns and discover your company’s pain points. 

Discussions may cover working culture, social issues and change management considerations. Each element of the technology identified will be looked at in detail to discuss how it fits into your roadmap strategy, as well as business objectives.

1st Workshop Free
What Happens Next?
After the initial workshop, we can work with you to solidify your full Business and supporting IT Roadmap and arrange a second workshop to decide on next steps. 
This innovative approach is unique to Sonderworx and an improvement on a similar business change initiatives used throughout the Microsoft ecosystem and beyond.
It facilitates a deep dive into all facets of your business allowing us to really understand your pain points and work with your ideas, creating the perfect environment for growth ideas and bringing a true value add to your technical and business infrastructure.

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